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Entry #6

Time is almost not there.

2012-01-24 21:48:29 by Hromm

The tests were very small. So even see, what I did!

Time is almost not there.


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2012-01-25 16:58:07

YOU LIAR. That's Not Dimb Style At ALL. Motion Tween Will Never Make You A Good Animator. Animate FBF.

Hromm responds:

I didn't say that it Dimb style. In general, I still new to animation.


2012-01-26 10:57:50

Ne ispolzui motion tween, zdes' ne lyubyat tex kto ispolzuet etu xren'

Hromm responds:

Okai, ia ne znal


2012-08-10 15:45:13

You are dead. PWNED