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2012-01-08 00:41:57 by Hromm

I live in Russia. I do not know much English, so I always use Google translate. But this does not prevent me to communicate in English. I use Macromedia Flash 8 program. I watched a lot of cartoons madness combat, after which I was creating. I know good animation, such as Krinkels, KingApple, DIMB, Littlelutskylink, Delamortes, GabrielBarsch, and many other animators.
More news:
I'll soon be a new project, and I think he will not be long.

Tell a little about yourself.


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2012-01-08 00:45:15

First We Need To See A Test.

Hromm responds:

You'll see him soon.


2012-01-08 01:45:59

Honestly, I don't prefer madness,I think it's fan base is terrible.
But,welcome to newgrounds ,comrade !


2012-01-09 20:15:22

HIM Is Not What You Call IT.